Charley Wu


Charley is a postdoc at Harvard working with Fiery Cushman and Sam Gershman at the intersection of human and machine learning. He will present on attentional trade-offs between individual and social learning in a virtual foraging environment. Follow him on twitter @TheCharleyWu or visit his website

Natalia Vélez


Natalia is a PhD student at Stanford working with Hyo Gweon, where she is interested in how we learn from and about other people. She will be talking about multigenerational innovation and division of labor inonline communities. Follow her on twitter @natvelali.

Mark Ho


Mark is a postdoc at Princeton working with Tom Griffiths on computational models of social cognition, interaction, and problem solving. He will present on computational models of pedagogy in interactive settings, focusing on teaching with evaluative feedback and teaching by demonstration. Follow him on twitter @Mark_Ho_ or visit his website

Rob Goldstone


Rob is a professor of psychological and brain sciences at the university of Indiana, Bloomington. His diverse program of research includes studying emergent group behavior from a complex systems perspective. Visit his lab website